Provincial Racquetball Championships Return to The Nest!

Saskatchewan’s top-rated racquetball players, Lee Connell and Danielle Ramsay, retained their national rankings by winning the Open divisions of the provincial championships played April 28-29 at Regina’s Nest Health Centre.
Connell and Ramsay, both from Saskatoon, were sixth respectively in men’s and women’s nation-wide rankings compiled by Racquetball Canada. They kept those rankings by being undefeated through their round-robin events at The Nest’s two, refurbished racquetball courts.
This was the first racquetball tournament held at the club since new owners took over the old YMCA building on 13th Avenue and committed to making the The Nest into a wide-ranging medical centre to benefit the health of the community with up-to-date workout areas, physio and rehabilitation equipment, personal training plus well-maintained racquetball and squash courts.
The tournament was held in memory of Roald Thompson, Gerry Thue and Terry O’Fee, three much-loved racquetball supporters and players who have died since the last pre-pandemic tournament held in Regina four years ago.
Twenty-seven players entered the Saskatchewan Racquetball Association championships in seven singles and doubles divisions. The tournament was supported by The Nest, Precision Racquet Sports and much-appreciated donations from numerous sponsors.
Regina Racquetball and The Nest are committed to holding more tournaments, learn-to-play clinics and leagues. Watch for posters, check with staff and sign into The Nest’s Facebook page for future information.
Event winners from the 2023 Saskatchewan racquetball championships are pictured below: (back left) Graham Tamaki, A Singles; Jim Carlson, B Doubles; Paul O’Donnell, B Singles; Danielle Ramsay, Women’s Open Singles; Lee Connell, Men’s Open Singles; (front left) Amanda Castilleja, Novice Singles; Ashton Duda, Open/Elite Doubles; Ron Duda, Open/Elite Doubles; Bobby Lague, B Doubles. Ramsay, Connell and Lague are from Saskatoon; all others are from Regina.
Written by Darrell Davis