Adele is a personal trainer professional who has experience training women in the menopausal transition. After a wonderful athletic career of 30 years (still counting), competing nationally and internationally, she noticed many changes within her own physiology and experienced new struggles. That is when she sought her personal training certification with NASM and further education as a Menopausal Fitness Specialist.

In the last five years, she has been giving women community, strength and hope by staying current on training protocols for this demographic–through individual training and bootcamps. She loves to learn and continues to learn while balancing a busy active family. Adele loves working with clients to find the best fitness and health options for their unique needs–whether it is a performance goal or general goal…while fitting within their natural life patterns.

In addition to this demographic, she has experience with training teens in endurance sports like cycling and Nordic–keeping it fun while promoting a base for longevity within their physiology–not against it. When not training individual clients, she is a group fitness professional with over 13 years experience in many disciplines sharing her passion, knowledge and energy to the general public.